Queen bee shipping boxWe received our new queen from Hawaii on Friday afternoon. She was shipped UPS in a box with vents in it and inside that box was her wooden queen box that included her, 3 or 4 ‘attendants’, and a piece of sugar candy. She can’t feed herself, so the attendants feed her during the trip from the sugar candy in the box. Then, when we insert her into the hive, the worker bees will eat the candy from the outside, while the attendants eat it from the inside, until the queen can get out.

Queen Bee - KonaUnfortunately, this weekend brought with it a torrential rain. You’re not supposed to open the hive while it’s raining; one, because the bees get feisty during low barometric pressure and two, bc you don’t want to get water into the hive.

So, we got into our gear, each took and umbrella, and fumbled thru the installation as well as we could while trying to cover the hive and not getting Kona wet. It went well, we got her in there and then fed all three hives with sugar water and protein liquid that includes essential oils and amino acids.

Hopefully the bees will get her out of the box and she can start laying in the next couple of days. If not, we may lose this hive over the winter 🙁 We’ll check on the hive Saturday and see how they’re getting along. Update to come!